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Software Testing Training

Training Description:

This course is an immersion in software development best practices, with a focus on the steps an organization must take to transition software development from a craft to an engineering discipline. The course approaches software development from a systems perspective: an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to the engineering large and complex software intensive systems.

All course subject areas provide actionable information on creating cost-effective solutions to practical problems by applying scientific knowledge to building software Software engineers are in high demand, yet software engineering is often misunderstood. What is software engineering and why is it important? What are the building blocks of software engineering? And what are the processes and methods that differentiate it as a discipline? This course aims to answer all of the above questions, and give the audience the absolute essential knowledge about software engineering.

Who Should Attend:

This course is the perfect opportunity for all those who are looking for Software Testing (basics + advanced) training. If you are new to the IT field, want to increase your software testing knowledge, and want to pursue a career in Testing or if you want to make a career move from a different technology, this course is just for you.

Benefits of This Trainings:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

• We came up with a unique list of topics that will help you gradually work your way into the testing world. It not just includes the traditional testing methodologies but will give you a glimpse of the ways of testing that are coming up.

• With each topic, we will give you assignments in a way that you will get to apply the theory you learnt immediately.

• We believe that a tester’s expertise should have a reach that is beyond the technical knowledge. Through this software testing course we want to train you on how to be an over IT professional and not just a tester. Your verbal and written communication skills are going to be vastly improved through this course because we are going to interact on a regular basis.

• We will review your resume and let you know how you can make it more effective. We will not just give you a list of interview questions, we will go over them with you and make you job ready.

• Our Team is going to be available to you via email or the website for you to reach out to us.


Students should have good keyboarding skills, and you should be familiar with Software, Program, and Project and Documentation.

At Life Way Tech India, we provide an excellent and high quality Training. We have a team of highly skilled professionals to equip you and build a strong foundation. The curriculum can be customized as per individual’s need.


Chapter 1. Software Development life cycle

1. Pre-SDLC steps – proposals, proof of concept, software project inception etc.

2. Waterfall model

3. V- Model – detailed analysis and practical application

4. Difference between Verification and Validation

5. Quality Assurance vs. Quality control

6. Level of testing

7. Agile- Scrum model

8. Introduction of various popular testing types.

Chapter 2. Software Test life cycle

1. Overview of the stages of STLC

2. Test Plan walkthrough -Live Project document

3. Risk Management – Risk identification, Risk impact analysis and Risk Mitigation

4. Test Templates creation and use

5. Test scenario creation – what are they, how to write them, why, when, etc.

6. Test documentation review, Test cases creation, Test case optimization techniques

7. Risk based testing process and implementation, Traceability Matrix, Test readiness review process in detail, Test execution, Test reporting, Quality tools

8. Software Configuration management, change management and version control

9. Defect management, UAT

Chapter 3. Tools and automation
Download Full Syllabus

1. JIRA incident management tool – demo and learning tips 2. Bugzilla defect management tool - demo 3. Qtest – Test management tool walkthrough 4. Junit-Java Unit Testing 5. Selenium 6. LoadRunner

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The training program is for candidates who are new to software development aimed at providing participants with the absolute development and inculcating all the aspects of grooming them to become a software tester.

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