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Training Description:

PHP is an open computing language that web developers and programmers widely use. You need to use this PHP programming language in order to build a dynamic database driven e-commerce web site. In this current economic climate as companies fight for business and employees fight for the best jobs, competitive advantage is more important than ever & training is the vital key to success. A PHP course could help you secure your career as web developer. The PHP Training course designed by Life Way Tech India trains the students on Core and Advanced topics of PHP with other tools like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal using Live Projects.

Who Should Attend:

• Students, who want to make their career in PHP & Web Development.

• Students or professionals, who want to work from home at their free time

• The training program is for candidates who are new to software development aimed at providing participants with the absolute development and inculcating all the aspects of grooming them to become a professional PHP Developer.

Benefits of This Trainings:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Code and deploy a web application that they have developed using PHP

• Have a detailed understanding of PHP architecture, design and functionalities available

• Use different techniques to navigate to other pages within a website.

• Use the newer functionalities available in PHP

• Use Javascript and AJAX to have best of class user interface for the application

• Deploy the application in the cloud to show during interviews and potential clients.

• Industry coding standard & result oriented PHP training course syllabus


•Before joining the course students have very basic knowledge of any one programming language like “C” or any other programming language basics.It will help them in understanding the subject in better way. The seeker need not know object orientation as this will be thought from ground up. HTML, CSS & Javascript .

At Life Way Tech India, we provide an excellent and high quality Training. We have a team of highly skilled professionals to equip you and build a strong foundation. The curriculum can be customized as per individual’s need.


Foundation: PHP
Chapter 1. Introduction to Web – HTML, XHTML, CSS & JavaScript
Chapter 2. Introduction to PHP
Chapter 3. PHP Fundamentals –PHP syntax.
Chapter 4. PHP Variables, Operators , IF , switch , Array , Loops
Chapter 5. PHP Functions – predefined and user defined
Chapter 6. Handling HTML Form data
Chapter 7. File and Image Uploading
Chapter 8. Understanding PHP sessions
Chapter 9. Understanding cookies
Chapter 10. PHP E-mail – sending emails using your own script
Chapter 11. Understanding server side includes
Chapter 12. Classes and objects in PHP
Chapter 13. Introduction to database
Chapter 14. Database concepts
Chapter 15. Cookies,Session
Chapter 16. Disk Access, I/O, Math and Mail
Chapter 17. PHP Project
Advance PHP
Chapter 18. Learning best practices and standards
Chapter 19. Securing your website
Chapter 20. Advanced security concepts
Chapter 21. Optimization techniques
Chapter 22. Advanced PHP configurations
AJAX Introduction
Chapter 23. Introduction to Ajax – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
Chapter 24. Ajax Components
Chapter 25. JavaScript and DOM
Chapter 26. Methods and Properties of HttpRequest Object
Chapter 27. Creating and Using HttpRequest Object
Chapter 28. Generating and Handling the Response – The Role of the Server
Chapter 29. Problems Handling
Other Source
Chapter 30. Introduction to Open Source Applications like word press , joomla , Drupal etc.
Chapter 31. Introduction to Frameworks
Chapter 32. Introduction to e commerce
Chapter 33. Introduction to technical documentation
Chapter 34. Working with FTP
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The training program is for candidates who are new to software development aimed at providing participants with the absolute development and inculcating all the aspects of grooming them to become a web develper.

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