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.NET Training

Training Description:

ASP.NET is a server side web application framework designed for web development with minimum coding to produce dynamic web pages. It allows programmers to write the code using any .NET supporting languages as it is built on Common Language Runtime (CLR). A design surface and many components and controls allow you to build powerful UI-driven sites with data access in a sophisticated way.

Who Should Attend:

• This course is intended for students wishing to learn OOPs Feature with .Net Using VB or C# programming.

Benefits of This Trainings:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Build simple HTML and ASP Pages and make them dynamic using JavaScript.

• Design and develop websites using basic controls of ASP.NET.

• Use different techniques to navigate to other pages within a website.

• Reuse the design and code in website with the help of Master Pages and User Controls.

• Develop ability to easily change the look and feel of the website using different themes.

• Develop multi-lingual and globalized websites

• Develop a complete application as in real-time development environment using N-Tier architecture.


• Before joining the course students have very basic knowledge of any one programming language like “C” or any other programming language basics.It will help them in understanding the subject in better way. The seeker need not know object orientation as this will be thought from ground up.

At Life Way Tech India, we provide an excellent and high quality Training. We have a team of highly skilled professionals to equip you and build a strong foundation. The curriculum can be customized as per individual’s need.


Chapter 1. Introduction to .Net Framework & OOPS concepts
Chapter 2. C# Programming fundamentals
Chapter 3. Conditional and Iteration statements
Chapter 4. Classes & objects : Introduction to classes – object creation – Methods – Constructors – Garbage Collection – Destructor – This keyword
Chapter 5. Inheritance and Polymorphism in C# : Method Overriding and Method Hiding
Chapter 6. Arrays: Single dimensional arrays – Rectangular arrays – Jagged arrays
Chapter 7. Enumerations
Chapter 8. Overloading and overriding operators
Chapter 9. Structs and Namespace: Inheritance – Abstract classes and Interface – Nested classes – structs – Namespace
Chapter 10. Properties and Indexes
Chapter 11. Delegates and Events : Declaration and Instantiations
Chapter 12. Creating Window based application : creating and using Main menu, Dialog boxes, toolbars, Status bars, combo boxes
Chapter 13. File System and Streams
Chapter 14. Exception handling
Chapter 15. Introduction to ASP .Net : ASP .Net and its use – Internet Information Server – Namespaces – .Net Framework Classes
Chapter 16. Web Forms And Control: Web control Class – Creating Web Form Application – Handling images – Navigation between pages – Managing Server Controls – Server control events – HTML and Data Controls – Validation Control
Chapter 17. Master Pages & Themes: Simple Master Page – Nested Master Page – Configuring Master Page – Creating and Applying Themes – Applying style sheet
Chapter 18. Web Services: XML Web Services – Creating Web services & Setting Web Service Attribute – Execution of Web service created – Web Service in Client and Server end
Chapter 19. Uploading Files: Using File Upload Control – Setting the location and file name – Uploading the file – Defining the type and size of file
Chapter 20. Security membership and roles: Authentication – Authorization – Impersonation – Code Access security
Chapter 21. Deployment: Deploying Web application – Deploying Windows application – Deploying website – Publishing website
Chapter 22. Overview of ADO .NET – Connection and Command Object – Data Readers – Data sets & Adapters – Connecting to Database using Data Adaptor – Data Binding, Filtering and Sorting
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