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iOS(iPHONE,iPOD) App Development

Training Description:

Avoid all the confusions and frustrations when trying to learn iPhone programming. App development for iPhone is a vast topic, so it’s often challenging for you to know where to begin and there are chances that you might get frustrated and fall into confusions. Life Way Tech India is a leader in providing Mobile Application Development Training and our iPhone Training is specially developed to give you an in depth, hands-on training for iPhone App Development Programming. The iPhone Training program also covers the iPhone Hierarchy delegates, view controllers, Interface and architecture to build an application that can be scaled after being put on sale. iPhone training course also includes how touch will impact the users and development and debugging for animation and user interface.

Who Should Attend:

• iPhone mobile walking cuts to cut an Android mobile if you look beneath the selling data when it has concern to India. iPhone bestows you the best in industries with less effort. You can pursue the iPhone application development course, if you comply with our constraints. Student belongs to an I.T correlated field.

Benefits of This Trainings:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Our interactive training provides “concept, problem and Solution system” which provides a step-by-step approach for all candidates.

• The course curriculum is developed based on a proven system that is recognized in the industry.

• Our trainers have years of experience in iOS SDK Development and they are available whenever you need help on understanding a concept or you face coding issues.

• In order to test your applications, we provide you original MAC, iPhone, iTouch, iPad devices.

• We guarantee that, by the end of this course you will be able to build a working iPhone application


Have an essential knowledge of C, C++ and database like PL SQL

At Life Way Tech India, we provide an excellent and high quality Training. We have a team of highly skilled professionals to equip you and build a strong foundation. The curriculum can be customized as per individual’s need.


Objective C
Chapter 1. Introduction to Objective-c programming
Chapter 2. Primitive Data Types and Operators
Chapter 3. Flow Control Statements
Chapter 4. Arrays and Structures
Chapter 5. Classes, Objects, and Messaging
Chapter 6. Memory Management and Properties
Chapter 7. Inheritance, Polymorphism
Chapter 8. Protocols and Categories
Chapter 9. Introduction to Foundation Framework Classes
Chapter 10. File Handling
Chapter 11. Property Lists, NSCopy, and Archiving
Chapter 12. Selectors and Targets
Chapter 13. Dynamic Typing and Dynamic Binding
Introduction to iPhone Development
Chapter 14. Introduction to iPhone Architecture
Chapter 15. Introduction to Development IDE - XCODE, Interface Builder
Chapter 16. Creating and building simple applications
Chapter 17. Handling Basic Interaction
Chapter 18. Creating basic view controllers
Chapter 19. Monitoring events and actions
Chapter 20. Creating advanced view controllers
Chapter 21. Memory Management
Chapter 22. Storyboarding Integration
Chapter 23. Programmatic Interface creation
Chapter 24. Integrating with core services – Email, Contacts, Camera, Map kit etc.
Chapter 25. Data: actions, preferences, files, and addresses
Chapter 26. Camera, WebKit, Mapkit and core location
Chapter 27. Creating of database and using it in iPhone app
Chapter 28. Introduction to url loading system
Chapter 29. Debugging, testing the application
Chapter 30. Core Data Integration
Chapter 31. Advanced controllers – Navigation controller, iPad specific split controllers etc
Chapter 32. Integrating with Core Services – Core Audio, Video
Chapter 33. Push notification
Chapter 34. iAD Integration
Chapter 35. Advanced Even Handling - Multi touch, Gesture Recognition
Chapter 36. Maps overview and core location
Chapter 37. Protocols and Categories
Chapter 38. Communication with the Services
Chapter 39. Using the Accelerometer
Chapter 40. Bluetooth Programming
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