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Agile Software Development Training

Training Description:

Agile methods are revolutionising the way software is developed. With Agile, developers and clients work closely together and the focus is on delivering working software frequently, with changes welcomed. Implement these new approaches successfully and you can start to reap the benefits and transform your business.

With Agile software development, you use iterative, feature-driven, customer-focused Agile practices to develop applications that meet user requirements through a simulated case study. In this training, you also gain practical experience performing each role within an Agile development team.

Who Should Attend:

• Analysts, programmers, designers, architects, testers and other development team members who want an introduction to modern software engineering skills and UML.

• Individual contributors such as, developers, testers and architects who are working or likely to work on Scrum projects

• Project managers and ScrumMasters

• Product owners, business analysts and customers of Scrum projects

• Senior managers, process coaches or SEPG/QMG/PMO members governing Scrum projects

• Knowledge of any software development methodology

Benefits of This Trainings:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

• The key roles in an Agile project - such as Product Owner and Scrum Master and identify who might take on these in your team

• The core principles of Agile Software Development

• Improved skills and efficiency

• The key Agile processes

• How to take Agile back into your organization, equipped with key knowledge and skills to help ensure success

• How Agile approaches benefit in organization if Implemented and deliver systems that meet user requirements


• General handling of computer. Software engineering Knowledge.

• SDLC model and Software Engineering Processes

At Life Way Tech India, we provide an excellent and high quality Training. We have a team of highly skilled professionals to equip you and build a strong foundation. The curriculum can be customized as per individual’s need.


Chapter 1. Agile Software Development and Engineering Introduction
Chapter 2. Transitioning to Agile Development processes
Chapter 3. Managing Agile Projects
Chapter 4. Planning Agile Projects
Chapter 5. Reporting Team Progress
Chapter 6. Analyzing User and System Requirements
Chapter 7. Detailing use cases
Chapter 8. Architecting classes with UML
Chapter 9. Test-Driven Development
Chapter 10. Ensuring software meets requirements with user acceptance testing
Chapter 11. Minimizing bugs through automated programmer unit testing
Chapter 12. Optimizing Productivity of Agile Teams
Chapter 13. Conducting Sprint reviews and retrospectives
Chapter 14. Sample Project
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The training program is for candidates who are new and aimed to Learned Development using Agile Methodology.

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