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About Us


The world is changing. The future is a complicated and competitive place! Do you have the skills and knowledge to help move the world to the future? LWT INDIA Training Services believes that you could be tomorrow's technology and business leaders and should be equipped to be part of, and lead, that change. In helping achieve this goal, training is key. We specialise in imparting unmatched world-class training.

What we do?

1.Software Development

2.Mobile Application Development

3.Website Design and Development

Web Applications

5.Branding & Creative

6.Digital Marketing

7.Cloud Application Development

8.Agile Software Development

9.Provide Industrial Traning

10.Provide Internship Traning

To empower individuals through technical training

We work with the aim to provide with passion, integrity, expertise and teamwork, the training and course that works best for you and your business. One that exceeds expectations.

Our unique market-focused courses and industry-trained faculty would give you the edge that you need. Thanks to our focus on industry-institute partnership initiatives, our courses are constantly updated with industry inputs

LWT INDIA maintains the highest standard of facilities which when supported by our team of experienced and professionally qualified tutors creates an excellent environment for professional training. With us, you have a friend, a guide, a teacher and a resource to walk with you every step of the way in your technology career.


Our highly skilled training group delivers standard as well as customized training and mentoring. Whether you're a designer, drafter, administrator, or programmer you'll find a course that gives you the skills to get the most out of your sophisticated technology tools.

Our expert instructors know that not everyone learns in the same way. That’s why the LWT INDIA training team—engineers themselves with advanced degrees and years of industry experience—uses a variety of techniques to reinforce concepts and build proficiency. These techniques include innovative training materials and hands-on labs that enrich the learning process.

The vision of the LWT INDIA is to emerge as an International Centre of Excellence in all facets of CS/CE?IT Education,training & Development, rooted in Indian ethos.


1.To contribute to the society by providing numerous beneficial software, products, tools and Training that guarantees Customers or Clients and Students satisfaction.

2.To continually seek for advanced and innovative technology that will secure Life Way tech India Position as an Industry Leader in Alwar , Rajasthan ,India and All over world.

3.To be a Company that can exist Indefinitely with strong finacil stability in Alwar , Rajasthan ,India and All over world.

4.To create a positive Working environment where creativity and determination are fostered.

5.To utilize our flexible or agile approach and sound management ability to create a company that continually develops innovative software and products.

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Mission & Vision

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